Friday, March 18, 2011

Honda Recalls Civics for Potential Fuel Leak Problems

DETROIT (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co is recalling about 21,700 of its current-model compact Honda Civic cars due to the possibility that fuel will leak in a roll-over crash, the company and U.S. regulators said on Thursday.
"If a vehicle is involved in a roll-over crash, a cracked roll-over valve may allow fuel leakage from the gasoline tank into the evaporative emissions canister," Honda said in a statement. "No crashes or injuries have been reported related to this defect."
More than 18,000 cars will be recalled in the United States and about more than 3,600 in Canada, the company said.
Honda suspended the sale of some Civic vehicles on Monday because of unrepaired models on dealership lots, The Detroit News reported, citing government regulators.
The automaker told dealers on Monday "a stop sale is in effect for a limited number of 2011 Civic 4-door and 2-door models" assembled at factories in Indiana and Canada.
Honda also warned dealers that if they sold a vehicle on the stop sale list and "should an unrepaired vehicle cause an injury or damage because of the recalled item, the dealership will be solely responsible to the damaged party, and will be required to defend and indemnify American Honda for any resulting claims," the News said.
The repair will require removal and inspection of the fuel tank unit.
Honda said that about 1 percent of the recalled 2011 model year vehicles are likely to have the problem. In a roll-over crash, a fire could occur, said the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Owners of the recalled vehicles will be informed by mail by mid-April, the company said

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Monday, March 14, 2011

CPSC launches product safety database Friday.

CPSC launches product safety database Friday.

The New York Times (3/11, Martin) reported the Consumer Product Safety Commission will launch its product safety database Friday, despite possible budget cuts and objections from manufacturers. Consumers can post reports and search product recalls but are unable to search other posts until April. Manufacturers have ten days to respond to reports prior to posting. Critics continue to note the inaccuracy of the report screening process. And National Association of Manufacturers executive Rosario Palmieri criticized, "The commission's definition of who could file reports was too broad, allowing trial lawyers and consumer advocates among others." CPSC Spokesman Scott Wolfson said the commission intended to encourage posting from various people and assured reports were evaluated to ensure they addressed a product's safety, "not its performance."

Kia Recalls Optima Sedans- Shift Cable May Cause Parked Vehicles to Roll

Kia Recalls Optima Sedans.

Reuters (3/12) said Kia Motor Corp. filed a notice recently with the NHTSA that said it was recalling 70,115 Optima sedans because the shift cable may have been installed incorrectly and cause parked vehicles to roll away. Kia said there has been no reported injuries related to the defect.

VW Recalls 2010 Routan Vans for ignition switch problems that may shut off engine.

VW Recalls  2010 Routan Vans
The Wall Street Journal (3/12, Welsh, 2.09M) said Volkswagen is recalling 12,612 Routans built from October 2009 through June 2010 to fix a potential ignition-switch problem. In a document filed with the NHTSA, the company said the chance of a crash was increased because an ignition switch mechanism may suddenly move to the accessory position and shut the engine off