Thursday, February 25, 2021



If we are not excited about it, its not the right path. Abraham Hicks

Sometimes we step in a puddle, slip on the ice, trip over a rock on our trail, fall off our bikes, ride the wave on surfboards then find ourselves underwater, or we are flying high down that double black diamond cruising through that turn when we catch an edge and wipe out spectacularly. At times we go down harder than others on the path and journey of life. But we always get back up dust ourselves off and keep going. We may at times need to alter our path we are on, head down a different path or keep buggering on steadfastly down the path we started. We will eventually get to the clearing or open meadow and say wow! What a view, pause, reflect, look around, enjoy the beauty, soak up the feeling and then we say let's do that again! Maybe we head off to another peak on the next mountain range but we just keep going and when we do stop and look back we just might realize the best part was the struggles where we picked ourselves up after the fall.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021




There are very few things we can control. We can control how we choose to see things. How we choose to react to things. We cannot always control what happens to us or around us, but we can control how we react to it. We can control our point of view. We can control how we feel. How we see the world. How we react to circumstances around us. We can prepare. We can train. We can get in the arena. We can just get started. We can get out of our comfort zones. We can get on the surfboard and be riding the wave, then we may find ourselves underwater. Relax, accept it, rely on your physical and mental training and the wave will pass over us. We know what we must do. Do our best. Do the work. We cannot always control the stimulus, but we can control our response. We can control our own behavior, our own actions and reactions. We must focus on what is within our control and let go of what we cannot control. That is what other people do and think, that is their choice. Do what we can do and do it well in line with our virtues and values.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021




What good does getting ourselves all worked up or angry over something or what someone said do us? A little righteous indignation over an injustice can be a good thing and anger can be a useful tool at the right time and place and when used in the right way to help keep us focused and on track when we need the fuel. But when we feel the anger boiling up within us or we feel ourselves getting worked up that is not the time to burst out or boil over. Save that feeling and energy for when we need it. Practice restraint. Exercise patience. Say hello their anger, I recognize you and I welcome you but now is not the time there will be a time later but not now. Let's move on together or try a different path for now. Then coolly calmly collectively calculate your path and plan and prepare for the future. We may just find the anger goes away or we overreacted for no good reason or we were mistaken. It also helps not to take everything personally because it's not always about us.

Monday, February 22, 2021




Overthinking sometimes can create stress, worry, or fear. Some things are like a cold shower, we just gotta get in. After a while it is tolerable, even feels pretty good. Yes, we need to think through things, to diligently prepare and do the work. But fretting or worrying too much can be counterproductive. Calm, cool, confidence knowing you got this, you have put in the work. You have thought things through. You have prepared. You are ready to go. Avoid getting sidetracked with excessive worry or distraction. A little nervous energy, excitement, angst is a good. It keeps us focused on the task at hand and reminds us we very much care but be wary of the opposite end of the spectrum where we overanalyze, overthink and “what if” ourselves into inefficiency. Stay focused. Stay calm. Stay confident and know you are quite good enough and quite capable . Whatever happens you are well suited for the job because you are good at what you do, you are capable, prepared, and ready to get it done.

Saturday, February 20, 2021




It is better to be in the arena getting stomped by the bull then it is to be sitting in the stands or out in the parking lot from the outside looking in. Get in and get started. The best way to get things done is to get started. Say yes to what you want to do and no to what you do not want to do. But when you do say yes, do your best! Get out of your comfort zone. Do the work. Practice, prepare, be relentless in your pursuit. Do what is right. Pause, plan, think and then get in the arena with the bull. You cannot know what you are truly capable of unless you get in there with the bull of life and tangle. There exists a higher power, another force or forces that come through a mind, body and spirit that is well prepared and well trained for the bull of life.

Friday, February 19, 2021



Core being. Core of the universe. Core is the center of everything we do. Our core is the center of our body’s universe. Our core is the center of our being. Our core is the foundation of all our movement. We must work at our core. This is too important, no excuses. 9 minutes and 30 seconds a day. That is it that's all it takes. You can do more of course, but we must take 9 minutes and 30 seconds a day and work our core. Find any app on your phone that has a 30 second timer and do 30 seconds of:

·      Plank

·      Push throughs

·      Bicycles

·      Single side left bicycle

·      Single side right bicycle

·      Heel taps

·      Alternate leg raises

·      Leg pushouts on back

·      Russian twist

·      Boat pose push outs

·      Right side plank

·      Left side plank

·      Marching plank

·      Flutter kicks

Hint-best time and place is on your bathroom carpet before you get in the shower.

Thursday, February 18, 2021



Patience is a virtue. It has been said good things come to those who wait. Patience is a wonderful trait, but also must be balanced with the need to push on or push through when the situation requires it. Patience does not mean just sitting back and hoping for something “good” to happen to you of fall in your lap. First comes the work, the planning, preparation, practice. Getting started. Setting the wheels in motion, then being patient that the fruits of your labor will blossom.  Not unlike a farmer who spends great effort preparing soil for crop.  Planting crop, then waiting for the bounty to grow. This of course requires patience for the crop to grow, but so too must the farmer tend to his fields, particularly if there is some adverse weather or unexpected developments. Passivity and patience are not the same thing. Sometimes the pot needs to be stirred or mixed up, or others need to some “encouragement” to act. But patience is an important skill and mindset for sure. So to is the ability to know when to be patient and when its time to push.