Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BMW recalls fuel pumps

BMW recalls 150,000 vehicles in North America due to fuel pump issues.
CNNMoney (10/27, Smith) reports, "BMW of North America announced a recall Tuesday of more than 150,000 vehicles because of potential problems with their fuel pumps." The ABC News (10/26, Cuomo et al.) "TheLaw" blog noted BMW made the voluntary move "just hours after ABC News aired a report on its investigation into potential problems concerning the fuel pumps in such vehicles."
The (10/26, Thomas) "Kicking Tires" blog reported, "BMW has just issued a recall of 130,000 cars featuring its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine because of a faulty fuel pump that can fail when the cars are driving at high speeds. The company and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received complaints about the cars going into a reduced-power or 'limp home' mode, which allows drivers to safely pull off the road."

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