Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mercedes-Benz recalls M-Class SUVs over cruise-control concerns

Mercedes-Benz recalls some SUVs over cruise-control concerns.

Reuters (4/5, Woodall) reported Mercedes-Benz issued an international recall of some of its M-Class SUVs over cruise control malfunctions that could cause a crash. Over 130,000 US vehicles are being recalled and approximately 50,000 in Germany. Rob Moran, spokesman for Mercedes-Benz USA attributed the problem to a faulty brake lamp switch, which makes it difficult to disengage vehicle cruise control. Mercedes will begin replacing switches on model year 2000 to 2002 vehicles and a few 2000 to 2004 AMG models in the beginning of September.

The New York Times (4/5, Jensen, Subscription Publication) "Wheels" blog reported Mercedes noted "other ways to disengage the system," including "the cruise-control stalk." Drivers can also disengage by braking harder or decelerating to speeds below 25 mph. Moran said "the company is not aware of any accidents."

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