Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ford Recalls 525,000 Vehicles For Fire, Power Loss Problems

Ford Recalls 525,000 Vehicles For Fire, Power Loss ProblemsFord Motor Co. said it is recalling 525,000 SUVs and vans over fire risks and power loss issues.
The Dearborn automaker issued two recall campaigns that cover about 450,000 vehicles in United States - about 76,000 outside the United States.
Ford is calling back 274,368 2001-02 Ford Escapes for fire risks — and warned owners not to park the vehicles in garages until they get them repaired.
Ford said it was not certain when it would get the parts.
The recall follows a more than two-year investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into fires in some recalled Ford Escapes.
Ford said it was calling the vehicles back due to the possibility of corrosion in the ABS module electrical connector that can result from a brake fluid reservoir cap that can leak brake fluid onto that electrical connector and lead to a fire.
The module may overheat resulting in burning odor, smoke or a fire.
In April 2007, Ford recalled the 2001-04 Escapes to address potentially missing or misplaced seals in the wiring harness connector to the ABS module electronic control unit. Ford said some repaired vehicles may not have received a proper inspection or application of electrical grease as instructed in the FSA.
Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries attributed to this condition.
Ford has received a few reports of property damage beyond vehicle-only damage as a result of alleged vehicle fires.
Separately, Ford is recalling 251,065 2004-2005 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey vehicles in the North America for possible loss of forward and reverse power due to a torque converter malfunction.
A vehicle that loses forward and reverse power due to torque converter malfunction remains readily controllable; the vehicle will coast during which it can be safely maneuvered and parked, Ford said.
Ford is aware of two minor accident allegations (with minor injuries alleged in one, no injury in the other) over the course of eight years.

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