Friday, March 23, 2012

Hyundai and Volvo Announce Recalls

Hyundai Motor Co. and Volvo Cars said Friday they are issuing new recalls for potentially faulty seat belts in Honda Sonata hybrids and problematic undercoatings in S60 and XC60 vehicles respectively.

Volvo said it is recalling 2,742 2012 S60 and XC60 vehicles because of an incorrect mixture of underbody coating "that can result icicle-like areas of underbody coating hanging from the undercarriage of the vehicle."
This could result in a fuel line cut and fuel leaks, which could increase the risk of a fire.
Volvo said it has no reports of crashes or injuries. Volvo will remove the excess undercoating and will replace the fuel lines, if necessary. Volvo will notify owners starting April 13.
Hyundai said it is recalling up to 14,728 2012 Honda Sonata hybrid sedans.
The vehicles have a center rear seat belt assembly that detaches both the lap and shoulder portion — and don't conform to a federal safety standard.
Hyundai said it issued a stop sale on March 8 for the vehicles and will fix 1,633 Sonata hybrid vehicles in dealer stock before they are sold, as required by federal law.
For the 13,095 vehicles that have been delivered to owners, Hyundai is asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to waive the requirement that it fix the vehicles.
The Korean automaker said it will file a petition from the recall requirements because it says the issue is "inconsequential as it relates to motor vehicle safety."
If NHTSA rejects the petition, Hyundai says it will fix the vehicles

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