Friday, June 8, 2012


View web sites, call dealers to check up on vehicles’ safety. Unfixed issues can go undisclosed by sellers. Used vehicles with open recalls,  can pose safety risks to both auto buyers and motorists with whom they share the road.
Repairing recalled parts is essential to the performance, safety and resale value of used vehicles. But about 2.7 million used vehicles across the country that were placed for sale on the Internet in 2011 had open recalls, according to a study by Carfax, a Virginia-based company that provides vehicle-history data.
Many sellers do not divulge that their vehicles require repairs, and many buyers do not know their purchases have defects. Auto experts said consumers should do their homework whenever they buy a used vehicle to determine whether it needs repairs at a dealer.
Owners can research recalls online at websites such as and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s site,

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