Monday, May 5, 2014

Atlee Hall Success Story

Settlement for Man Who Fell During Testing

Atlee Hall recently brought to a successful conclusion a case involving a patient who was asked to perform a spirometry test at his family doctor’s office. The spirometry test involves blowing into a tube for as long and as hard as the patient can. Unfortunately, some patients will become dizzy and fall, or even pass out during the course of performing this test. As a result, standard of care protocols require that a patient be either sitting while performing the test, or at least having a chair placed behind the patient in case the patient begins to lose balance. In this case, neither such precaution was taken. The safety rule was broken and as a result the patient did indeed fall, striking his head and sustaining a closed head injury. The case required significant work-up in order to demonstrate the injuries that the patient sustained as a result of the fall. Ultimately the case was successfully concluded one month before the scheduled trial date.

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