Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Honoring Our Vetrans

On November 11, 2014, Atlee Hall participated in a Day of Action, to benefit the Lebanon Veteran’s Administration Medical Center and to honor our local veterans who were injured while serving our country.
The entire firm participated in honoring more than 120 veterans by sponsoring and volunteering at two Bingo parties held at the Center. Refreshments were purchased and served, and dozens of donations of “comfort items”, including socks, t-shirts, puzzles, blankets, and models were collected, packaged, and brought to the Center for the veterans to enjoy.
While the donations and sponsorship were much appreciated, it became obvious fairly early that what meant most to the Vets was the simple presence of the volunteers and the fact that employees of a law firm, with whom no one had any prior association, gave their time to make Veteran’s Day special. Let us be clear—these are all brave, heroic individuals injured while serving our country—ranging in time from World War II to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Most, if not all, were injured during the prime of their lives. Why would a group who has sacrificed so much to protect our liberty and freedom find it so difficult to conceive that others would want to honor and support them in return? To the Lebanon Veterans, an unpretentious smile, a pat on the back, help marking a number on a Bingo card, and a compassionate gesture meant their sacrifices were appreciated and thus, meant the world to them.
Yet, after speaking with some of the firm’s participants a day later, it is apparent that WE benefitted more from the experience than we could ever give. Our employees consistently remarked that they would participate again; in a heartbeat. Everyone knows why. St. Francis of Assisi once wrote “For it is in giving that we receive”. There is not a more appropriate adage.

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