Monday, July 27, 2015

        Fiat Chrysler to pay record $105 million fine. In a brief story on the CBS Evening News (7/26, story 9, 0:20, Axelrod, 5.08M), David Axelrod reported that CBS News “confirmed a record fine against Fiat Chrysler,” under which the company “will pay $105 million for poor recall practices including misleading regulators.” David Kerley reported on ABC World News (7/26, story 5, 1:40, Llamas, 5.84M) that in “an exclusive interview,” Secretary Foxx said “he is slapping the biggest civil fine ever on a car maker: $70 million in cash. Twenty million dollars to fix the problems. And if Fiat Chrysler doesn’t perform, it could face another $15 million. Potentially, a $105 million fine.” Foxx: “Well, this is a good example of how not to do a recall.” 

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