Friday, September 18, 2015

Helping Pennsylvania Corn Farmers

Farmers across America proudly provide crops to millions of Americans and people around the world. International agricultural exports account for a significant portion of farmers’ income for a wide range of crops. For example, 40% of corn produced by U.S. farmers is exported internationally. When GMO corn sold by Swiss-based company Syngenta caused China to reject all corn shipments from the U.S. in late 2013 and throughout 2014, the U.S. corn industry sustained billions of dollars in losses. Although the enhanced corn allegedly accounted for only 3% of our nation’s crop in those years, there was no way to keep it segregated from the massive amount of corn produced across the country. China’s refusal to accept millions of bushels of American corn caused a dramatic drop in the price of corn that affected hundreds of thousands of corn farmers across the country.
Farmers in states such as Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Minnesota have begun filing suit against Syngenta for the negative impact on the market caused by the company’s reckless marketing of genetically modified corn seed before ensuring its approval in foreign markets. To help recover the ongoing financial damages caused by this company, Atlee Hall has teamed with Watts Guerra to undertake the task of representing corn farmers and other agricultural industry companies affected by Syngenta’s actions.
Atlee Hall has earned a reputation across Pennsylvania as a firm of skilled trial and appellate lawyers who will battle for their clients in any type of case, and the attorneys of Watts Guerra have extensive experience successfully handling agricultural lawsuits across the country. Mr. Watts led the effort to obtain a $750 million settlement agreement with Bayer Crop Sciences, making him one of only a very few attorneys experienced in agricultural mass torts, handling GMO mass actions to great financial success for his clients.
Together, we can assist farmers across Pennsylvania in recovering financial compensation for damages caused by the decline in the corn market due to Syngenta’s actions.

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