Thursday, February 18, 2016

Toyota recalls RAV4 SUVs over separating seat belt.

The New York Times (2/18, Soble, Subscription Publication, 12.03M) reports that on Thursday, Toyota recalled three million RAV4 sport utility vehicles due to the possible separating of rear seat belts during crashes. The article adds that the separation of the seat belt occurred in two crashes, resulting in one death. The article adds that Toyota “said that it could not confirm whether the seat belt failure had caused the fatality, which occurred in a crash in Canada, but that it was recalling the vehicles as a precaution.”

        International Business Times (2/18, Kondalamahanty, 693K) adds that the recall includes “1.3 million vehicles in North America, along with around 625,000 vehicles in Europe, 434,000 vehicles in China, 177,000 in Japan and 307,000 in other regions.” 

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