Thursday, July 7, 2016

NHTSA investigates second Tesla vehicle crash.

The Wall Street Journal (7/6, Spector, Ramsey, Subscription Publication, 6.27M) reports days after launching a formal probe of Tesla Motors’ Autopilot system linked to a fatality in Florida, the NHTSA is examining a second collision in Pennsylvania. Tesla said it doesn’t have evidence Autopilot was in use at the time of the crash, and the Tesla SUV driver declined to comment Tuesday.
        CNBC (7/6, 2.45M) reports that the second crash involved a Tesla Model X SUV that was “reportedly in autopilot mode when it rolled onto its roof on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.” The NHTSA said it is currently collecting information from Tesla, the Pennsylvania State Police, and the vehicle’s driver “to determine whether automated functions were in use at the time of the crash.” The article notes that initially, Tesla’s spokesperson said the company had “no reason to believe that Autopilot had anything to do with this accident,” but later, the statement was revised to say “no data at this point to indicate that Autopilot was engaged or not engaged.”
        Reuters (7/6) reports that according to Pennsylvania State Police, “the Model X struck a turnpike guard rail, then veered across several traffic lanes and into the median, where it landed on its roof in the middle of the roadway.” The driver and passenger in the car were uninjured.

        The Detroit Free Press (7/6, Gardner, 1.02M) reports that Tesla said in a statement, “We received an automated alert from this vehicle on July 1 indicating air bag deployment, but logs containing detailed information on the state of the vehicle controls at the time of the collision were never received.” Tesla added, “This is consistent with damage of the severity reported in the press, which can cause the antenna to fail.” 

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