Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tractor Trailer Crashes

Crashes involving tractor trailers have been of increased frequency over the past several years and now represent an alarming percentage of traffic related fatalities. These crashes often occur because of sleepy truckers logging too many driving hours, to get where their employer requires them to be. Due mostly to their substantial size and weight trucks impose a particular threat to other motorists. The prosecution of trucking cases require an attorney with experience to identify the fundamental issues in the case and determine how to obtain the necessary discovery. Often trucking cases contain unique circumstances that make it differ greatly from other motor vehicle accidents, including, state and federal regulations, negligent hiring, negligent supervision and insurance coverage. Additionally, theories of negligence on behalf of the driver concern his/her negligent or reckless driving, logging too many hours and/or miles and improper loading of cargo. All of these factors make the prosecution of these cases highly complex and necessitate representation by an attorney experienced in the field and committed to your cause.

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