Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unsafe Products

Products Liability--What is it. When a person is hurt by a product, whether in the home, at work, or during other activities, that area of law is known as “product liability.” Recently, there has been a spike in the occurrence of such incidence with the recent recalls of children’s toys and products due to safety concerns. Manufactures reap substantial profits from consumers, often with little regard for the safety of their products. Often, products are sold without neccessary safety features, or contain features that make them unsafe, or there could be a manufacturing defect in the product. Defect doesnt mean the product is simply broken, it means the product does not contain every element neccessary to make it safe, or contains an element that makes it unsafe. These cases are defended vigorously. They often require a variety of experts. As a result, these cases can be quite expensive and time consuming to pursue. The ability of defendants to create procedural delays often creates a hardship for plaintiffs, but there are many legal tools available to avoid unnecessary delay.

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