Monday, March 25, 2013


Finding Alternative Ways to Help ‘Supply Our Schools’

Pennsylvania’s Atlee Hall is launching the firm’s first-ever Supply Our Schools program in his local area.
The program, which is aimed at supplying local schools with the proper essentials needed for successful learning, began last fall in efforts to give back to the schools in the School District of Lancaster.
Jackson, head of the Supply Our Schools program, got the idea to help when he started noticing certain items in the office that were no longer of use to the firm—but could be put to good use in schools.
“With the statewide school budget cuts in the past couple of years, I felt like it was important to help the schools in any way possible,” said Jackson. “Starting out, I knew that it was difficult to raise actual money, so our firm found alternative ways to help the local schools.”
The purpose of the program is to give schools the supplies students need, which can include anything from notebooks, pens and paper to any kind of electronics.
Since starting the program, the firm has donated a Smart Board and other supplies from the office that they no longer use to Wickersham Elementary School.
Jackson is working to expand the Supply Our Schools program beyond the firm’s office and obtain involvement of other law firms and local area businesses, as well as continue to donate supplies to local schools.
If you would like to donate to the Supply Our School program or would like more information, please contact Jaime Jackson at or visit

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