Thursday, April 24, 2014

Atlee Hall Success Story

Settlement for Man Who Sustained Heart Attack After a Catheter Tip Detached Following Ablation Procedure

Patient underwent a heart ablation procedure, which is performed by the cardiologist using a catheter to ablate, or electrically burn a nodule in the heart muscle that is sending an abnormal signal, thus creating an abnormal heart rhythm. Following the successful completion of the ablation, the patient returned three weeks later in the midst of a myocardial infarction. The tip of the catheter that had been used during the ablation had come detached and was retained in the patient’s heart. Ultimately, the tip of the catheter migrated through the chambers of the heart and out into the coronary arteries, causing the heart attack. Suit was initiated against both the manufacturer of the product and against the technicians who removed the catheter following the surgery, but did not note that the product was no longer intact.

Suit against the manufacturer was successfully concluded, after which suit against the hospital was initiated. The hospital did not join the manufacturer and thus was not entitled to an offset of the Plaintiff’s settlement with the manufacturer.

The patient recovered from his heart attack. The case against the hospital was successfully concluded as the trial date approached.

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