Monday, September 22, 2014

GM Recalls Cadillacs for Parking Brake Problems

GM recalls more than 200,000 more vehicles.

The CBS Evening News (9/20, story 7, 0:15, Axelrod, 5.08M) broadcast that GM is “recalling more than 200,000 cars because of problems with the parking brakes.” This “recall affects the 2013-2014 Cadillac XTS and 2014-15 Chevrolet Impala,” the broadcast added.
        The New York Times (9/21, Kessler, Subscription Publication, 9.9M) reports, NHTSA documents read that the GM vehicles’ problem relates to a build-up of “excessive brake heat that may result in a fire,” a reference to the brakes’ making “significant heat, smoke and sparks.” NHTSA further wrote that some drivers may experience problems in these vehicles that present as “poor vehicle acceleration, undesired deceleration, excessive brake heat and premature wear to some brake components.”
        Bloomberg News (9/20, Singh, 1.94M) reports GM’s “callback” is “expected to begin this month,” with the automaker providing free brake software upgrades.

        CNN’s Money (9/20) reported online that GM is not publicly “aware of any crashes, injuries or fatalities,” but this recall is “the latest in a brutal year for the automaker, which has issued more than 65 separate recalls affecting nearly 30 million vehicles.” 

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