Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NHTSA investigates 2012 Subaru Impreza air bag seat sensors. The AP, Reuters and several auto trade publications report that the NHTSA has opened an investigation into Subaru Impreza sedans from model year 2012. The NHTSA launched the probe, which covers about 33,500 vehicles, after receiving complaints about the air bag sensors in the seats. Reports note that there have been no reported injuries linked to the air bag issue.
        According to the AP (4/14), the NHTSA said it received “26 complaints that the sensors turned off the front passenger air bag even though an adult was sitting in the seat.”
        Reuters (4/14, Klayman) reports that on Tuesday, a spokesman for Subaru spokesman said the company expects to soon receive a request from the NHTSA for information.
        Auto World News (4/15, Mercuro, 1K) reports that while the NHTSA’s “preliminary evaluation” does not “necessarily mean” the agency will request a recall, it is “usually the first step to determine if an automaker needs to address an issue with one or more of its vehicles.”
        Also covering the story in a similar manner as the sources above are Edmunds (4/15, Lienert, 304K) and Leftlane News (4/14, King, 4K). 

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