Friday, April 17, 2015

VW recalls nearly 21,000 minivans for the second time.

The AP (4/16) reports on a Volkswagen recall affecting about “21,000 minivans for a second time to fix faulty ignition switches that can cause the vans to stall.” According to the report, the recall affects nearly 18,500 Routan minivans from the model year 2009 and 2,200 from the model year 2010, all of which were made for VW by Fiat Chrysler.
        Leftlane News (4/16, King, 4K) notes that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched “an investigation into the first fix after owners of repaired vehicles continued to report inadvertent key movement from ‘run’ to the ‘accessory’ position.”
        Edmunds (4/16, Lienert, 304K) highlights NHTSA’s recall summary, which stated that “Until this recall is performed, customers should remove all items from their key rings, leaving only the ignition key. ... The key fob should also be removed from the key ring. Road conditions or some other jarring event may cause the ignition switch to move out of the run position, turning off the engine. If the ignition key inadvertently moves into the Off or Accessory position, the engine will turn off, which will then depower the various key safety systems, including, but not limited to, airbags, power steering and power braking. Loss of functionality of these systems may increase the risk of a crash and/or increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash.”

        Autoblog (4/16, Bruce, 454K) also reports on the recall. 

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