Monday, May 11, 2015

Pennsylvania Lawyers Helping Pennsylvania Farmers in Litigation over Genetically Modified Corn and Seeking to Recover Market Losses

The law firm of Atlee Hall is assisting Pennsylvania farmers in lawsuits against agribusiness giant Syngenta seeking to recover damages to the US corn market from Syngenta’s introduction of genetically modified corn, which has caused major countries to reject US corn.  This has caused the price of US corn to drop roughly 25% or more, resulting in damages to farmers and others in the stream of corn sales. 

Syngenta, the Swiss based maker of seeds and agricultural chemicals, is facing responsibility and accountability tied to its Agrisure Viptera strain of GMO corn.  Syngenta sold Agrisure Viptera (MIR162) to US farmers without first obtaining import approval from China.  China no longer accepts corn from the United States, thus causing millions of dollars in damages to US farmers.

The lawyers at Atlee Hall are seeking to recover market losses on behalf of Pennsylvania farmers against Syngenta as a result of the drop in corn prices due to China’s rejection of US corn shipments because of the GMO corn introduced by Syngenta. 

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss this GMO corn dispute process with you.  You may contact any of the following:  Jaime Jackson at; Mark Atlee at or you can call our office at 800-924-2309.

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