Monday, March 28, 2016

GM recalls 3,200 2016 Chevrolet Malibus over side-impact air bag assembly.

USA Today (3/27, Gardner, 5.45M) reports General Motors is recalling approximately 3,200 2016 Chevrolet Malibus in the US and Canada to replace side-impact air bag assemblies which could fracture and separate when the air bag deploys. The defect was discovered during routing GM testing, and no injuries have been reported. The recall is unrelated to the Takata airbag recalls.

        The Detroit News (3/25, Laing, 528K) reports on the recall of “about 3,100 2016 Chevrolet Malibus for faulty side-impact air bags in the seats that can break apart.” NHTSA is saying that these Takata Corp.-made weld studs can fracture and “allow the side air bag to move out of position during deployment, increasing the risk of injury.” General Motors has been quick to point out that this recall is unrelated to other recalls of vehicles with Takata air bag parts. 

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