Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Center for Auto Safety calls on Ford to recall Explorers.

ABC World News Tonight (10/17, story 11, 0:15, Muir, 14.63M) reported that the Center for Auto Safety is calling on Ford to recall more than a million Explorers due to possible carbon monoxide exhaust leaks. Explorers belonging to police departments already have been taken off the road. However, Ford suggests that the civilian models of the vehicle are safe.
        The CBS Evening News (10/17, story 7, 2:10, Mason, 11.17M) reported that instead of recalling the vehicles, Ford has offered a “peace of mind” safety repair. CBS added that since last summer, the NHTSA has been investigating more than 2,700 complaints about exhaust leaking into the cabins of Explorers. The complaints include claims of three accidents and 41 injuries. While NHTSA says it has found no actual evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning, one Louisiana police officer said doctors diagnosed her with carbon monoxide poisoning after she crashed her Explorer.

        NBC Nightly News (10/17, story 12, 1:55, Holt, 16.61M) reported that Executive Director for the Center for Auto Safety Jason Levine warned, “What we don’t want to do is to wait for a body count before we start taking action.” 

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