Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ford recalls 1.3 million F-Series trucks.

NBC Nightly News (10/18, story 11, 0:20, Holt, 16.61M) reported on its nightly broadcast that Ford has issued a recall for more than one million F-Series trucks, including model year 2015 through 2017 F-150s and 2017 super-duty trucks, because their doors may not be able to open or close and may appear to be closed despite not being latched. Reuters (10/18) reports the recall covers 1.34 million vehicles and is expected to cost the company $267 million. Reuters reports the current recall is a separate issue from the 5 million vehicles Ford recalled in 2016 due to door latch-related problems. Ford said it is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the defect.

        The Detroit (MI) Free Press (10/18, 1.07M) quotes a press release from Ford explaining the problem, “In affected vehicles, a frozen door latch or a bent or kinked actuation cable may result in a door that will not open or will not close condition. Should a customer be able to open and close the door with these conditions, the door may appear closed, but the latch may not fully engage the door striker with the potential that the door could open while driving, increasing the risk of injury.” 

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