Friday, April 15, 2016

BMW recalls 2016 7-series cars due to airbag problems.

Reuters (4/14, Woodall, Taylor) reports that BMW recalled the 2016 model of its 7-series luxury cars due to possible air bag deployment problems. BMW spokesperson said, “It is purely a precautionary measure.” In a filing on the NTSB website, BMW estimated that the recall would impact 6,110 vehicles in the US. Reuters adds that customers will be informed of the recall in May and repairs will take around four hours at the dealership.

        Edmunds (4/14, Lienert, 310K) adds that the NHTSA wrote in the recall summary, “The affected vehicles have an airbag control module that may randomly reset due to an electrical short circuit as a result of residual metallic particles from the manufacturing process.” The summary added, “In the event of a crash while the airbag module is resetting, the airbags may not deploy, increasing the risk of occupant injury.” 

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