Friday, April 29, 2016

Ford issues five separate recalls.

In continuing coverage, Inquisitr (4/28, Galbreath, 207K) reports that Ford announced on Wednesday that it is issuing five separate recalls that will affect 285,000 vehicles. Ford said on its website that it will reimburse dealers to inspect the recalled videos and make any necessary changes. The article highlights that the largest recall covers mainly Ford’s puck up trucks “due to an issue with the output speed sensor in the transmission’s lead frame that can cause a sudden downshift to first gear, resulting in a drop in speed at the wrong time.” According to Ford, four accidents and one injury are related to the recalls.

        Auto World News (4/28, Doctor, 1K) explains that the transmission problem is due to “a software problem in a speed sensor can trigger the vehicles to suddenly downshift to first gear.” 

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