Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ford recalls vehicles due to transmission issues.

ABC World News Tonight (4/27, story 10, 0:20, Muir, 14.63M) reported that Ford is recalled 200,000 vehicles due to a problem with the automatic transmission, which may suddenly change to first gear.
        International Business Times (4/27, Young, 670K) adds that Ford explained in a statement, “Under certain conditions, the transmission controls could force a temporary downshift into first gear.” Ford added, “Depending on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the downshift, the driver could experience an abrupt speed reduction that could cause the rear tires to slide or lock up.”
        The AP (4/27) adds that recall includes “the 2011 and 2012 F-150 and the 2012 Expedition, Mustang and Lincoln Navigator.” Ford says the automatic transition issue is due to a software problem in a speed sensor. According to Ford, the problem has caused no injuries but three crashes. The article adds that Ford is also recalling 81,000 Explorer SUVs for a rear suspension problem.
        Cars (4/27, Torbjornsen, 876K) explains that for the transmission recall, “Dealers will inspect the powertrain control module for diagnostic trouble codes tied to the issue. If no related diagnostic trouble codes are present, dealers will update the powertrain control module software, which will eliminate the condition ... If related diagnostic trouble codes are present, dealers will update the powertrain control module software and replace the lead frame for free.” The article adds that Ford will also offer a “one-time replacement of the lead frame at no charge within 10 years or 150,000 miles from the warranty start date.”
        Detroit Bureau (4/27, Strong) adds that Ford also issued a safety recall for approximately 2,600 2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty vehicles with possible tire problems. The article writes that dealers will inspect tired and replace them if necessary.
        Fortune (4/27, Chew, 4.08M) highlights that in 2015, “a record 51.26 million vehicles were recalled in the U.S. over defects, after promises by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to improve its recall system.”

        USA Today (4/27, Bomey, 6.31M), Car and Driver (4/27, Atiyeh, 10.32M), WBSM-AM Fairhaven, MA (4/28, Paleologos, 2K), and the WWTV-TV Cadillac (MI) Cadillac, MI (4/28, Munguia, 46K) website also report on the story. 

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